Your controls are all out of whack! You'll have to survive levels by making do with what you've got! If you can avoid death long enough, all your controls will be restored to working order. Hey, better late than never, they say. Can you find the cause of this mayhem and put a stop to it?

Created for Game Off 2022 with the theme cliché. 

Cliché used: Better late than never.


Programmer/Game Designer/Artist


Composer/Sound Designer

-Ricardo Palma    

-Sandro Gonçalves

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorspixelbrain, SundroMusic, Ricardo Palma
Tags2D, Neon, Short, Unity


Download 35 MB


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can't get past first level xD

Great game. Love the graphics and controls; very initiative. Would love for the first level to have no obstacles... ie. no way to die, so that gamers get used to the feel of the controls, sensitivity, the graphics etc. Fantastic game, and music really suits. We played it during the GitHub Game Off Live stream is you want to check it out:

Félicitations à vous pour la première place. Nice Game...

Amazing game! Great job and congratulations!

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Amazing game! Never thought I'd be spending hours to complete a game as annoying, but extremely fun, as this one. Congrats to you and your team!


Congratulations on taking 1st place overall! 🏆


Thank you! I had a blast participating with my team and playing lots of other sweet entries! Great jam, thanks for hosting


This game feels really complete, like a proper released game, impressive.

Really ike the music and the simplistic look, the idea of taking away the controls is also very creative, and you managed to make quite a nerve wracking feeling when you can't move a certain way and have to wait for the countdown to end.


Disabling the controls was a genius idea... loved the animation, graphics and sound. Well done all around... I can't image the amount of planning that went into the level design and timing. It's sooo hard!


What an innovative concept! Love this!